Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

The most important foods to avoid while pregnant.

We are, is what we eat.  This is never more true, than when pregnant.   The saying “Eating for two” takes on a new meaning, when considering.  The most important foods to avoid while pregnant.

Expectant mothers are flooded with information on what to eat and what not to eat.  The effect your diet is having on you and your baby is always an important consideration.   There are certain foods and food groups that should be avoided at all costs.  Not only for your baby’s health.  But also for your own.

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Eating the correct food groups and avoiding those foods that pose a danger.  Should start as early as possible in your pregnancy.   Before we look at foods to avoid.  Let me reassure you that chocolate in moderation is fine.

Under cooked meats

It is important to make sure any meat you eat is thoroughly cooked.  Under cooked meats can be dangerous at any time.  When pregnant under cooked meats can cause vomiting, fetal damage and in the worst cases miscarriage.

All meat should be cooked to a temperature of at least seventy three degrees Celcious. If meat is not cooked properly it can contain the bacteria listeria.  This can be very harmful to pregnant woman.  Avoid reheating meat.  Meat that has been reheated is more likely to contain the bacteria listeria.

One important thing to do before cooking any meat product is to wash it thoroughly.  This will help remove any bacteria.   Once any meat has been thoroughly washed and properly cooked.   You will find it to be an excellent source of protein and iron.  Perfect for you and your baby.

Smoked fish and shell fish

Most fish is good. Infract fish is very healthy and contains many of the minerals needed to keep you and your baby healthy.  How ever some fish should remain firmly of the menu.

Smoked seafood – Especially the seafood you will find in the Delhi or the refrigerated section of the supermarket, should be avoided.  Look carefully at the label.  Avoid any seafood containing the words “novastyle, jerky or lux”  Smoked fish or fish containing these words will be contaminated with the bacteria listeria.  This bacteria can be very harmful to you and your baby.

Raw Shellfish – It is advised to avoid any kind of shellfish during pregnancy.  Under cooked shellfish is the number one cause of illness through bacteria.  Clams, mussels and oysters should be avoided.

What is best?  Fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids.  Fresh water fish such as salmon and shrimp are full of natural fats and are rich in protein.

Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Even if you are not pregnant it is advised to thoroughly wash any fruits and vegetables before you eat them.  Many unwashed fruits and vegetables contain harmful pesticides.  These are the pesticides used during the farming process.  Once washed fruits and vegetables are the number one source of vitamins and minerals for you and your baby.

If unwashed, fruits and vegetables can also contain harmful bacteria such as listeria and toxoplasma.  It is important to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.  Using fresh, clean water.  A good investment for any pregnant mother is a water purifier.  This will make sure you always have access to fresh and clean water.

Dairy, Milk and Cheese

Milk and cheese is a fantastic source of calcium and protein.  But pregnant mother must be careful.  Avoid all non-pasteurised milk and cheeses.  Unpasteurised dairy products can be dangerous.    When dairy products are pasteurised.  Harmful bacteria that cause sever food poisoning is removed.

Avoid cottage cheese, Camambert, Brie and Feta.  Only buy cheeses that use pasteurised dairy products.  As with all foods when pregnant it is important to check the food labels.  To see exactly what you are putting in to your body.

The best solution is to eat only hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Lancashire, Gouda and Emmental.  Blue cheeses should also be avoided.  As they contain natural mould and bacteria

One solution to milk, is adding alternative natural milks to your diet.  Almond milk and soya milk are good substitutes containing the same minerals you will find in standard dairy.  If drinking soya milk.  Stick to organic as non-organic soya milk contains many unnatural pesticides used during the farming process.

Left overs Reheated takeaways and rice

Even if you think your refrigerator is top of the range and those storage boxes are air tight.  It is important to avoid reheated foods.  Especially reheated takeaways.  When left ready cooked food will begin to develop harmful bacteria.  Thit can be extremely harmful to you and your baby.

It is dangerous to refrigerate cooked food when still warm and equally as dangerous to leave it to cool.  One of the number one causes of food poisoning is reheated takeaways.  Especially rice.  When reheated rice contains a very dangerous bacteria called Bacillus Cereus. This can cause severe vomiting and diarrhoea.  Reheated rice is a hidden form of food poisoning that effects thousands of people each year.

No matter how good left over curry tastes the next day.  No matter how much you are craving it.  The only safe place for those left overs is the bin.

Microwave meals and popcorn

Yes they are quick and they are tasty.  But they are also a big “no” for two reasons.  First they contain little more than harmful trans fats and preservatives.   Secondly, the packaging contains a harmful chemicals called “Fluorotelomers”.  This is a harmful chemical used by the packaging industry.  It is designed to repel oil and moisture when exposed to high temperatures.

This is a highly toxic chemical.  That should be avoided at all costs. This chemical is transferred directly to the fetus.   Causing development problems in the brain and body.  Another food product containing this chemical is microwave popcorn.

If a food requires cooking in a plastic container or bag.  It is best avoided.  As the chances are, the packaging will contain harmful chemicals.  That are dangerous to you and your baby.

The trans fats found in ready meals. Are proven to be harmful to a developing fetus.  They effect both how the body and brain develop.  Ready meals contain very little in the way of nutrients and vitamins.  Meaning you are consuming very little in the way of positive food groups.

As mentioned earlier it is important to read the packaging on everything you eat.  When you read what is actually in microwave meals.  You will be sure to avoid them.  After all how can a list of trans fats and chemicals be good for you and your baby.

Canned foods and soup and cartons

The majority of canned foods contain a chemical liner called BPA.  This chemical has been proven to cause behavioural problems with children.  As well as brain development issues and cancers.  It has been widely reported that pregnant woman should avoid anything containing BPA.

The chemical BPA is used as a liner in most canned foods.  This means baked beans, canned soups and other tinned foods are strictly of the menu.  The more acidic a food is.  The more BPA will be absorbed by the food.  This means canned fruits and tomatoes are the most harmful to you and your baby.

Replace canned foods with fresh or jarred alternatives.  Bolognese source from a jar for example.  Is a quick and easy way to make a delicious pasta source.  Plastic packaging also contains many harmful chemicals.  Cartons should also be avoided.  They may look like harmless cardboard on the outside.  How ever inside they often contain a very harmful plastic lining containing BPA.

Biscuits chocolates and cakes

You cravings will be screaming out for sweet treats.  You are already as big as house.  So what harm can a few extra calories do.   The answer is plenty.  If you consume to much sugar.  As well as the margarine based ingredients found in cakes and biscuits.  You are increasing you chances of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is not good for you or your baby.  High blood pressure can lead to more serious conditions further down the line in your pregnancy.   High blood pressure can cause premature birth and other birth defects.

Sweet treats are not completely of the menu.  But a degree of moderation is advised.  In other words.  One or two biscuits.  Not one or two packets.

A good alternative is dark chocolate.  Chocolate containing a coco level of over 40%.  Can help reduce blood pressure.  While giving the brain a much needed boost of positivity.  Other good alternatives include.  Natural energy bars.  Containing oats, nuts and dried fruits.  They are sweet and packed full of fibre and nutrients.

Eating for two and eating sensibly is not hard.  The most important thing to consider.  Is natural wholesome foods.  Avoid trans fats and processed foods.  This will help you to have a healthy pregnancy.  A healthy child.  As well as making that baby fat much easier to remove after you give birth.

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