Why use Organic Pregnancy Pillows for Pregnancy?

Sleepless nights don’t begin when a child is born. For over 70% of woman they begin during the pregnancy. A number of contributing factors lead to pregnant woman having sleepless nights. These including discomfort from weight gain. Cramps caused from changes in the bodies shape, Leading to poor blood circulation and heart burn. Most of these problems can be solved by using a good quality pregnancy pillow.

For many woman restless and sleepless night are an unwanted, but accepted part of pregnancy. A good nights sleep can become a real concern for some woman. A lack of sleep can not only leave you feeling fatigued and emotionally drained. But can also cause some real health concerns for you and your unborn child.

The body needs sleep so it can remain healthy and strong

Why use Organic Pregnancy Pillows for Pregnancy?

Long periods without quality “deep” sleep have been proven to lower the immune system.  Leaving you more prone to bugs and flues.  When the body is tiered, the immune system is weakened. Leaving you more susceptible to illness.

Depression during pregnancy is another symptom that can be caused through a lack of quality sleep. Depression will not only make your pregnancy feel longer and harder than it needs to be. But can also cause complications during the birth process.

Woman suffering from depression relating to poor sleep.  Have a higher risk of premature labour and delivering a baby with a low birth weight.

One of the main symptoms associated with poor sleep patterns while pregnant is discomfort.  It has been medically proven that the use of a good pregnant body pillow will help pregnant woman sleep with a greater degree of comfort.

How do organic pregnant pillows help you sleep more easily?

A good quality maternity pillow will help you and your unborn child sleep in the most beneficial position. By providing essential body support. Pregnancy pillows provide a high level of support and comfort for pregnant woman. A good quality maternity pillow will also offer a number hygiene and health benefits to pregnant women.

It is important that your back feels aligned when you sleep. When using a good quality pillow you body and neck will feel more stable. The difference you feel due to your body actually being straight. Will take a few nights to adjust to. How ever the health benefits will last a long time.

Support and relax your pressure points

A pillow for pregnant women will soften your pressure points. When pregnant your body is much more sensitive, as a result you will feel more tension points in the body. This is more noticeable when sleeping. When pregnant you often suffer from a sore neck and knees. This is due to pressure caused by your baby in the womb.

A pillow is designed to help over come those pressure points.  Allowing your body to be aligned more equally.  As your body is aligned better, your pressure points will soften.  Allowing for more comfortable and natural sleep.

A body pillow can also help your circulation. A common complaint amongst pregnant woman is cramps due to poor blood circulation. A maternity pillow will allow you to relax your hip and back while you sleep. This will naturally help the blood circulate more freely as you sleep.

Keep calm and hug your pillow

Maternity body pillows lower you heart rate.  This induces a natural feeling of calm.  Buy hugging a body pillow. A pregnant woman feels more calm as a result the heart rate lowers and a deeper state of REM sleep is entered leaving you feeling more relaxed and less anxious the next day.

One of the most important things a maternity pillow does is to offer you more comfort as you sleep on your side.  It is important that a pregnant woman sleeps on her side.  This helps the flow of blood in the body.  One problem is that the growing stomach, makes sleeping on your side uncomfortable.  By positioning a pregnancy pillow correctly.  Side sleeping will become much more comfortable.

Pregnancy pillows are 100% organic

Like all good things during pregnancy, your pillow should be organic When pregnant the body is more susceptible to allergies, it has never suffered from before.  This cause by hormonal changes in the body.  As pregnancy pillows are made from hypoallergenic materials.  Undiscovered allergies should not be a problem.

Pregnancy pillows are also free of chemicals.  If you are doing everything you can in life to avoid harmful chemicals.  Coming in contact with your skin.  Or being ingested through the food you eat.  You should also consider your pillow.  Many standard pillows are full of chemicals from the manufacturing process.  Pregnancy pillows contain absolutely no chemicals.

Your pillow is a home for dust mites and bacteria

Nearly all standard pillows are a magnet for dust mites.  Dust mites can be harmful to a pregnant woman.   Organic maternity pillows are hypoallergenic  The materials used naturally reduce sweat and help to prevent dust mites from making a home in your pillow.  This means your nights sleep is more relaxing and more healthy.

Quality sleep reduces stress and increases happiness

Remember a good nights sleep reduces stress.  Less stress means less anxiety.  Less stress and anxiety reduces the chances of depression significantly.  This is not only good for you.  But also good for your baby.

Support your pillow, as your pillow supports you

The use of maternity pillow is one thing.  But you can do more to help you get the quality sleep you deserve

Develop a relaxing nightly routine. If you feel relaxed at bed time. You will sleep more easily.  One additional secret to get the most from your nights sleep is to maintain a light exercise routine. Exercise is not only good for your body.  But it also relaxes the mind and makes you feel naturally more tiered.

Don’t stare at you phone or laptop before bed.  It has been medically proven that exposure to computer screens and phone screen before bed.  Makes sleeping harder,  bright screen put you brain and eyes into overdrive. Try reading a  book or taking a candle lit bath.

If you follow this advice I am sure you will soon be experiencing a long and relaxing nights sleep.  I can guarantee one thing.  When baby is born a good nights sleep will feel like a distant dream.

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